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Intune is reinventing how sheet music is read, practiced and performed in today's digital age.
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Page Layout

View sheet music in a traditional page layout which offers an uninterrupted scrolling view.

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Continuous Layout

Play your favorite song in continuous layout that displays your sheet music in a single continuous horizontal view.

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View Mode

Two different view modes let you control how your sheet music is displayed. The continuous scrolling feature allows you to play your favorite song without worrying about pausing or turning a page.


Play it slow, or play it fast, Intune keeps the pace you set. You can easily choose how slowly or quickly you want the song to be played with our tempo adjusters.

Scroll Bar

Easily fast forward or go back to different measures with our scroll bar.


Keep time with Intune’s built-in metronome option which plays a gentle sound to help you never miss a beat.

Right Hand vs Left

Do you need to strengthen one hand? Practice just your left or right hand with this setting so that you can focus on improving your skills.

Loop Measures

Select the measures you want to practice and this option allows you to loop these measures to perfect your skills.


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Download the Intune App